REWARDS system


What is the Reward Point system?
This is our way of saying "Thank You" to all our loyal customers, where WE can give you something back!

How does it work?
As DS4J does not charge shipping for digital products you download, you will earn points on the total order you put into your Shopping basket. This means that everytime you shop in the Digistamps4Joy store, you will earn 'points' on the total amount. These points will be indicated as 'pending' until your payment on the current order is processed, after which they will automatically be credited to your account and show as 'earned'.
Note: Accumulated points may only be redeemed on your next purchase.

Points earned and their value
* For every $1 spent at Digistampa4Joy you will earn ONE point.
* Each point is valued at $0.10 (or 10% of your purchase price)
* If you OPEN a new account, you will automatically be given FIVE points. Please note this is only applicable to new accounts after 15th May 2013, and these points can only be redeeemed at the next purchase of a minimum of $3.
It works like this... If you purchase $10 worth of digistamps, you will earn 10 points. This will amount to $1 discount off your NEXT purchase if you decide to redeem the points.
Please note that we reserve the right to change the point value at any time without prior notice. Please therefore ensure you are aware of the rates written here.

Do all the products earn points?
Unfortunately no. Reward points are not awarded on any of our FREE digistamps. If you have received a Gift Voucher (as a winner of a challenge for example), or received a Discount Voucher, the points will be calculated on the balance owing after these voucher values have been deducted.

Minimum and maximum points
A minimum balance of 10 (TEN) points is required before you can redeem them. You can view how many points you have after you have logged in, in the left-hand column.
A maximum of 50 (FIFTY) points (equal to $5) may be redeemed during a SINGLE purchase.

Product restrictions on earning points
There are currently no restrictions on what products can be purchased. Note however that points will not be added for products marked as FREE, or for discount/gift vouchers.

How to redeem your points
After you have added your digis to the shopping cart, click on "Go To Check Out". Scroll a little down to the box that says "Reward Points" and add the amount of points you want to redeem (a max of 50 points can be redeemed during one checkout process). After you click "Continue checkout" the value of the points you entered will be deducted from your bill. Complete your purchase process.

How long are points stored
We have not set a sunset time period on your points, in other words they will not expire, so you can accumulate them and keep them until you are ready to redeem them.

Condition of Use
Reward points are only available to registered Digistamps4Joy members, i.e. you have an account in our store.
DS4J Reward Points are only valid for the online DS4J store, and can not be transferred to another store, or to another DS4J member.
Reward points are non-refundable and can not be exchanged for cash.
If the system says you do not have enough points to redeem (minimum =10) then you will have to continue with your current purchases until you have accumulated enough points.

NB: We reserve the right to adjust any of these conditions without prior notice or liability.

If you experience any problems, please email us and explain the problem.

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